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Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag is a High-capacity 65 liter backpack made of ultra light and durable nylon fabric. In addition to the main bag, there are multiple pockets with zipper closures. The bag is uniquely contoured, and has adjustable padded shoulder straps. It also has adjustable belt straps that can accommodate a wide range of body sizes.  The sternum strap is also adjustable, and has a built in emergency whistle buckle.  It comes with an attached rain cover to keep your gear dry on a stormy day. Even with 100’s of items our Emergency/Bug Out Bag weighs approximately 28lbs.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with a 48 hr. Food supply.  It also comes with a 10 piece cooking set and emergency folding silverware.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with multiple ways to purify water including 500 Gallon water filter pump, 2 Liter Water Bladder, Water Filter Bottle, and a two gallon water container.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with multiple ways to start fire including a fire starter stick and waterproof matches.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with multiple emergency shelter options including a one man tent, sleeping mat, mummy sleeping bag, mosquito netting and more.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with a comprehensive 100+ piece deluxe first aid kit.  It also comes with multiple insect sprays, insect repellents, extractor kits, and safety masks.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with multiple power and light sources that can charge via built in solar panels.  This includes a folding solar charger, powerbank/lantern, and a solar LED flashlight/radio combo.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with multiple tactical items including a hatchet and skinning knife, Compass, Fishing Kit, Leather Gloves, Machete, Zip Ties, Duct Tape, Utility Rope, folding shovel, hand chain saw, and more.

Our Emergency/Bug Out Bag comes with Two Way HAM Radio with NOAA.

Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying !!!

I bought this pack and WOW this is amazing!!! It has everything I need. I priced each item at Bass Pro Shop and would have cost me over $1,400.00 if I bought it there. I figure I saved over $600.00. I went camping 3 times so far with the pack and I find new uses every time for all the gear that comes with this bug out bag. I’m happy af!!!  Thank you Prep Store – Franky

I live in southern California and I just received my bug out bag. The best way to describe the experience of opening the box is Christmas for adults. I couldn’t believe how many items were in the box. Even my wife was like “thats a good deal” and she always gives me a hard time when order survival gear. Good Job! – Jake K. | CA

I honestly didn’t believe that all these items would really be in the box.  This is crazy!  just a few items alone with the solar chargers, water purifiers and power banks would cost almost $300!  The first aid kit is unreal compared to other bug out bags on the market. Great Value! – Pete R. | UT