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    This special formulation of essential plant oils repels insects naturally, without DEET or other harsh chemicals. It is non-toxic and lasts for several hours. It has a pleasant smell and is not overwhelming. Sweat and water resistant. Will not damage clothing. Good for the entire family.
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    Elite First Aid Kit

    All-purpose Elite First Aid Kit contains a full assortment of over 70 medical supplies for treating a range of conditions in the outdoors, on the water or at home. Supplies are organized in clear compartments with zippers for easy access. Enough room so you can add personal products and prescriptions.
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    Extractor Kit

    Easy to use suction pump designed to safely and effectively remove poison caused by bites and stings. It can draw from below the skin in one quick motion. Two size suction cups to choose from. Lightweight and re-usable.
    • One pump
    • Two suction cups
    • One tourniquet
    • Two alcohol pads
    • Two iodine pads
    • One instruction sheet.
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    Experience bug free protection with 100% natural ingredients. Great when you are working in the backyard, at the park or camping with the family. Comes with two (2) active cartridges. Each refill provides 24 hours of protection for 15 days. DEET free.
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    iOSAT™ is the first radiation protective tablet available to the general public. Experts agree that its prompt use would be the most effective way to protect millions of people who would be at risk in a nuclear accident or under a radiation threat from a nuclear weapon. They are FDA approved tablets that contain potassium iodide (KI) which provides protection from radioactive iodine (RAI), the contaminant that causes thyroid cancer.
    iOSAT™ received its approval from the US Food and Drug Administration in 1982 and is the only full-strength table for radiation blocking. Only iOSAT™ has passed all  FDA tests for purity, quality, safety and efficacy.
    A single dose protects the thyroid gland for 24 hours. The shelf life of IOSAT 130 mg tablets is 7 years.
  • Extremely light weight, comfortable and re-usable half-mask filters non-toxic and large dust. Safety Mask can be used for dust storms, haze, volcano ashes, fumes, paint spray and more. Adjustable elastic strap for a secure fit. Replacement cartridges available. #TGA2001
  • Safety Mask Replacement Cartridge Pack of 2. #TGA2002
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    A SpectraShield Mask is an antimicrobial respirator mask that provides superior, broad spectrum respiratory protection. It's what you need to protect yourself and your family during flu season and from any infectious disease outbreak or even certain bio-terrorism illnesses, such as Tuberculosis, that are used as a weapon.
    The SpectraShield N99 Mask is PVC free, latex free, non-allergenic and non-irritating. A safe and secure antimicrobial agent is permanently embedded in the mask and it does not come off and cannot be ingested. It captures microbes, inactivates viruses and kills bacteria. Copper-Silver zeolite nanoparticles are permanently embedded into the strands of the Fosshield fibers. The silver and copper zeolite nanoparticles inhibits microbial survival through sterilization, suffocation and starvation. *No refunds on masks for obvious reasons.

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