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    100 Hour Candle

    The 100 Hour Prep-Candle burns odorless and smokeless liquid paraffin and is perfect for emergency use. The plastic storage cap snaps on and off easily, so you don't have to worry about any messy spills. Keep one in your emergency kit and one in every room of the house for safe and cost-effective light in a power outage. The 100 Hour Prep-Candle also makes a great gift for neighbors, family and friends!
  • 12” Prep Store Snaplight-Green

    When additional light is needed, increase safety with a 12” Prep Store light baton. Widely used for evaluation of potentially hazardous situations as they generate no heat or flames.  Ideally used for area lighting, signaling, and evacuations when directing individuals to safety.  Perfect to carry in your car in case of an emergency, and to have at home when the power goes out. Individually wrapped in foil with a hole punched at the top for easy hanging.  Non-toxic, 5 year shelf life, waterproof.  Provides a full 12 hours of illumination.
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    A lightweight and portable rechargeable power source to safely and efficiently charge your electronic devices. Great to have at any outdoor activity. The Folding Solar Charger is an absolute essential in case of a power outage. Water resistant.
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    Prep Store powerful 5 Watt VHF radio with 128 channels features Dual-Band Display, Dual Frequency Display, and Dual-Standby functions. The radio is easy to use and comes with battery, AC adapter, hand strap, belt clip, USB charger and owner's manual. Talk range is 1.86 - 3.miles.

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